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​Frequently Asked Questions

​Basic Information

1. What are the usage scenarios for SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER? SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER can be used for displaying, appreciating, and selling digital art pieces in various settings such as homes, galleries, and commercial facilities.

2. What is the optimal display environment? Due to its precision engineering, SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER is not suitable for outdoor usage. Exposure to areas prone to dust or condensation can lead to malfunctions in the display unit. Additionally, subjecting it to high humidity or abrupt temperature fluctuations may result in operational issues. Please handle with care.

3. What is the weight of the SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER? While there may be slight variations depending on different frame, the weight is approximately 8 kilograms.

4.Can the SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER be mounted on the wall? You can mount it on the wall using the included wall mounting brackets and screws. Please refer to the Product Instruction Manual (available only in Japanese) on the Support page for the installation procedure and precautions.

​Product Features

1.What is the difference between SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER and Conventional Digital Signage? SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER is not just digital signage; it's a smart device capable of storing digital art, essentially functioning as a hardware wallet*. In contrast to typical digital signage, which solely offers display functionality, SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER is equipped with a chip featuring financial-grade secure storage capabilities. This allows users to not only store digital art pieces on the device but also physically exhibit the artwork in real spaces. The main screen of the device showcases the artwork, while the sub-screen located at the bottom right simultaneously displays the electronic signature (Token ID) of the artwork, providing assurance of its authenticity and uniqueness. *A hardware wallet is a device used for managing cryptocurrency.

2.What does "a SMARTHOLDR Container is the artwork itself" mean? SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER is not merely projecting artworks, but rather, the artwork and the device are seamlessly integrated.

3.Can I project my own images/ artworks? SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER features artworks generated on the blockchain and displays artworks stored on the device, thus does not allow projecting your own images/artworks like conventional display devices.

4.Is it easy to use without knowledge of Wallets or blockchain? If you purchase a SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER with integrated artwork(s), you can use it easily since the artwork(s) is already stored on the device. Plus, even if you're not familiar with Wallets or blockchain, the device supports easy secondary transactions.

5. What file formats does SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER support? In general, images are compatible with all formats, while videos are available in the MP4 format.


1. How is the security of SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER ensured as a hardware Wallet? Security is guaranteed by utilizing a financial-grade crypto chip that is difficult to crack. Additionally, the adoption of multi-signature technology during transactions enhances security by binding them to the user's Wallet. *Multi-signature: In the world of cryptocurrencies, this refers to a condition that requires multiple digital signatures for the transfer of assets.

2.Can SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER be bound to multiple Wallets? One device can only be bound to one Wallet. Note: When binding, be cautious not to expose the displayed QR code to others, as there is a potential risk of theft of your artworks or assets if it is scanned and bound by someone else.

3.What should I do if SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER malfunctions? Within 5 years from the date of purchase, we offer free repair or replacement in the event of device faults, excluding malfunctions caused by improper use or unauthorized repair/modification. For more details, please refer to the Product Instruction Manual on the support page (only available in Japanese) located at the top of this page.

4.What should I do if SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER is stolen? Similar to when a wallet, cell phone, or valuables are stolen, if the device is stolen, it means both the device and the inside stored assets are stolen. While attempting to trace the flow of artworks (assets) using blockchain technology is possible, recovering them is extremely challenging. Therefore, exercise caution in storing the device securely.

Regarding Device Operation

1.Could you provide instructions on how to operate the SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER? Please refer to the Product Instruction Manual on the Support page for details (only available in Japanese).

2.Is there a Gas Fee every time when transferring artworks in and out? "Gas fee" refers to the transaction fee in the blockchain (network). This is not a fee charged by our company. Our device operates on the Polygon and ETH blockchains. For detailed information, please refer to the real-time gas fee status for Polygon and ETH.

3.When performing operations such as binding, unbinding, and others on the Sdevice, a "Call Timeout" message is displayed. Please refer to our Product Instruction Manual on the Support page for details (available only in Japanese) .

4.After binding the device to the Wallet, clicking on the desired device on the homepage of the Digital Content Management System results in the display of unknown errors, and it is not possible to enter the details page of the device. Please refer to our Product Instruction Manual on the Support page for details (available only in Japanese).

5.I cannot retrieve artworks stored in SMARTHOLDER CONTAINER to the wallet. Users should ensure that there is an adequate amount of cryptocurrency to cover the Gas Fee in the device's Wallet address for artwork transfers. If the cryptocurrency balance in the device's Wallet address is insufficient, complications may arise when retrieving artworks to the Wallet. Therefore, users need to transfer a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency from their own Wallet to the device's Wallet address in advance.

6.Issues such as being unable to unbind the device or encountering [error] messages on the screen have arisen. Please contact us directly at

Regarding Orders

1.I need an Invoice Please log in to your account, select "View Invoice" from the order history, and you can obtain the invoice.

2.I want to change the billing address on my Invoice Please contact us directly at

3.I need a receipt Please contact us directly at

4.I want to cancel my order Please refer to our Return/Refund Policy page.

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