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From 1 May, 2024, the "Mis-enter" exhibition will be held at Another Project Tokyo

Updated: May 10

Our collaborated exhibition with Another Project Tokyo entitled "Mis-enter", co-exhibited by Japanese lacquer artist Sakura Yabu, young Chinese photographer Zhang Wenxin and one of the emerging Chinese artist Xu Zijun.

The entire exhibition takes the otherworldly animals of lacquer artist Yabe Sakura as the starting point, and artists ZhangWenxin and XuZichun explore the repeated depiction of the 'mountain as an object' from the dimension of reality to the dimension of fantasy.

ZhangWenxin sees herself as a "terrain architect." Through the use of painting, installation, writing, and sound, she is able to depict parallel landscapes of the mind in her creations. As she explores the terrain, the caves continue to zoom in. 

White Mountain, 45 x 30cm 2023, Zhang Wenxin

HOGEN,  HD color video with sound, 9'13'',  Zhang Wenxin

Monitor provided by Smartholder

XuZichun's paintings, based on his own memories and experiences related to the "mountain," blur the representation of the mountain's form, abstracting the shape of the "mountain," simultaneously, his relationship with the mountain shifts from external observation to internal imagery. The two plots unfold in parallel, and ultimately, Yabe Sakura's "wolf," in a state of wandering into other stories, connects these two seemingly unrelated narratives.

♮ NATURAL No.4 162×162 cm  2022, oil on board, Xu Zichun

Joy in the Moon Light 70X180X5 cm 2021 Wood, lacquer, hemp, Yabe Ssakura


Another Project Tokyo (12-3, Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

1 May - 12 May, 2024

11:00am - 20:00pm (closed on Monday)

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