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Notices Based on Specific Commercial Transactions Act

1. Company Details

Company name: SMARTHOLDE Co., Ltd.

Director of Operations: Yang AN

Headquarters Address: 307, 1-29-3 Eastern Cross Akiba, Taito, Tokyo 1100016, Japan

Phone: 03-6807-3643



2. Price and Shipping Information

Please refer to the product page for the sales price.


Shipping fees will be calculated based on actual costs using Sagawa Express Regular Delivery. Please refer to the product page for specific details.


*Size and weight of the outer packaging at the time of shipment: 87.0 x 59.0 x 16.5 cm, 10kg.


3. Payment Methods

Bank Transfer or Credit Card


4. Delivery Schedule

Merchandise will be dispatched to the delivery address within 3 business days following order confirmation.


​5. Order Cancellation, Returns, and Refunds 

[Before Shipment]

  • Cancellation and Refund Due to Customer Convenience

Cancellation and refunds will be processed within 3 business days of the order, provided it is before shipment. 


If you wish to cancel your order, please contact at


[After Shipment]

  • Return and Refund Due to Customer Convenience

Under the following conditions, irrespective of any defects or issues with the received product, returns for customer convenience are accepted:


(A) The product has not been unpacked, opened or used.

(B) The product is free from any scratches or damage, excluding those caused by our responsibility.

(C) Initiate contact with us within 8 days of product arrival.

(D) Return the product to the address specified by our company within 15 days from the date of initial contact, with shipping costs borne by the customer (based on the time of email receipt).


For return and refund requests, please contact us at


  • Returns and Refunds Due to Product Defects

Returns and refunds of delivered products will be accepted only if all of the following conditions (A) to (C) are met:


(A) Occurrence of shipping errors or product defects.

(B) Contacting us within 8 days of delivery.

(C) Returning the product to the address specified by our company within 15 days from the date of initial contact (with shipping costs borne by our company).


For return and refund requests, please contact us at


6. Refund Procedure

[Customers who purchased/rented online]

The amount deducted by the 3.6% transaction fee will be refunded.



Purchase of a Device for ¥220,000

Transaction fee = ¥7,920

Refund amount = ¥212,080 (¥220,000 - ¥7,920)


[Customers who purchased outside the online shop]

The entire amount will be refunded to the designated account.


Refund recipient information is required as follows:

Bank Name:

Bank Code (numeric):

Branch Name (in Kana):

Branch Number:

Account Type (Regular/Current):

Account Number:

Account Holder's Name (in Kana):


*Please note that refunds will only be processed to a Japanese bank account with the account holder's name matching the orderer's (customer's) name and information.


7. Exchange and Repairs for Defects

Exchange and repair of delivered products are subject to our warranty policy, and if a malfunction occurs within 5 years from the purchase date, replacement or repair is available at no cost under certain conditions. For details, please refer to the warranty and after-sales service page in the user manual (available only in Japanese).


*Please be aware that, depending on stock availability, there may be cases where replacement items cannot be arranged.


*Please kindly understand that during Golden Week, Bon festival, New year holiday, and other National Holiday periods, processing times may be longer than usual. 

The End.

Last Updated:November 24, 2023

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